A whopping R1.7million Software for NMB Municipality

Can you now see what we are talking about?

Acquiring a Software is not a child’s play and is ridiculously expensive. It is with this reason that most Businesses, especially Small businesses/Startups, do not have these highly needed Business Solutions / Softwares. They just cannot afford them, thankx to the expensive nature of Software/Web Development. In this article (the picture above), the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality had to pay a whopping R1.7 million just to automate the Cemetery Management. For your information, that software is no different from the very software that are available for free from The Open Source Software Hub (TOSSH), infact most of these FREE softwares that we offer, are most robust compared to that Municipal System/Software, yet you as the business, organization, NGO, Church, Social Club, can easily get it for FREE and FREE Forever. All you pay for is the sourcing, customization, configuration, hosting and maintenance of the software, which fee could rarely get to R5000. On top of that, we offer easy payment plans in case you do not afford the priced lump sum, normally roaming around R4000 for all of these listed services. Is n’t this wonderful? At TOSSH, we are the Solution you have always needed to grow your business.